Date: December 11, 2023

International Mountain Day, celebrated annually on December 11, encourages us to get outside and hit the trails! Aside from the benefits of encountering beautiful views, and enjoying all the mountains have to offer, hiking has a lot of health and wellness benefits too! WorldStrides Executive Creative Director, Paul Kidd, shares how getting outdoors helps him.

“In the middle of life’s craziness, I always turn to nature and hiking. Those trails, amidst the daily grind, are my escape. I’m Paul, and you’ll find me seeking solace amidst the trees and wide-open spaces.

Hiking is my reset button. Each step feels like a little rebellion against the chaos of everyday life. The rustling leaves, flowing water, and bird sounds – they drown out the world’s noise, offering a breather.

Nature’s my therapist, no kidding. Creative thoughts flow, and all those worries? Poof, gone. It’s not just exercise; it’s a mental spa day under the open sky.

The people you meet on the trails makes it all the better! Joining hiking groups is like joining a club of kindred spirits. We trade stories about the trails, not about work stress. It’s a breath of fresh air, literally.

Physically, it’s a win-win. Fresh air does wonders for both body and mind, a sweet escape from the same old indoor routine.

Seasons change, but the trails stay, always a reliable friend. Whether it’s the burst of colours in spring or the quiet snow-covered paths in winter, nature’s got this timeless rhythm that keeps us all grounded.

Life does its thing, but those hikes leave a mark. Nature’s like a trusty sidekick, always there to lend strength and solace. So, as life unfolds, find comfort and renewal on those trails that’ll see you through life’s ups and downs.” – Paul Kidd, WorldStrides Executive Creative Director.

Enjoy these photos taken by Vanessa Faulkner, a Marketing Coordinator on our WorldStrides Canada team. Vanessa went on an incredible adventure to Nepal and Guatemala.

Happy International Mountain Day!