Health and Safety

Let’s journey forward, where safety comes first

WorldStrides has built a 55-year-old reputation for industry-leading commitment to health and safety. Expecting the unexpected is where we excel. Our experienced team is leading the way now in innovating and evolving to make sure your travel experience is safe, and full of fun, even in uncertain times. We’re committed to providing you peace of mind and ultimate flexibility.

Safety on Trip

Emergency support that sets us apart

We have built a strong network over many years to support our focus on safety. Learn more about our emergency support and troubleshooting resources.

  • Doctors on Call: Our exclusive relationship with The George Washington University Medical Faculty Associates (GWMFA) providing 24/7 access to medical care for all travelling participants. Through telehealth consultation, medical professionals are available to evaluate health-related concerns and make recommendations for treatment. Telehealth consultation with a mental health professional is also available through our relationship with AXA Behavioural Health.
  • WorldAssist: You’ll have a team that sweats the small stuff for you while travelling thanks to the 24/7 support of our WorldAssist team, staffed by WorldStrides employees who are trained to handle any situation.
  • Tour Directors: Our Tour Directors lead immersive and engaging activities that connect students with new cultures and perspectives—and they’re with your group 24 hours a day, ready to lend a hand if an emergency occurs. Carefully-vetted and well-qualified, our Tour Directors are trained to manage whatever comes their way.

Meet the Team

We believe Health and Safety is a full-time job. Not just for one person, but for a team. Ours is led by Vice President Robin Reliford, who is solely focused on the job of keeping our students safe. Backed by the resources of the entire organization, they are ready to spring into action with plans for situations large and small.

A plan for every contingency

Led by Vice President Robin Reliford, our health and safety team is the best in the field of educational travel. Our number one priority is keeping our travellers safe, and we do so by working closely with partners like Exlog Global and Dr. Neal Sikka* at the George Washington University Department of Emergency Medicine.

  • Partnerships: Our decades-long relationship with airlines, hotels, and other vendors means you’ll interact with vetted, experienced, and reliable operators on tour. All are committed to cleanliness and safety, especially now, and we are working closely with them to understand and inform their best practices.
  • Worldwide network: Rest assured that you’re never alone—with WorldStrides team members and offices on six continents around the world, there’s always a WorldStrides team member ready to assist you in real-time.
  • Coverage: We’ve partnered with global partners to set the standards for medical, evacuation, and liability insurance with best-in-class support that provides an extra layer of coverage for our participants, our Program Leaders, and the schools with which we partner.
  • Total Travel Protection: No one wants to think about having to cancel their trip, but sometimes life happens. The Travel Protection Plan Plus, which includes the “Explorer” insurance package from TuGo, covers you for a range of events, including:
    • A traveller's injury, sickness, or death of a family member;
    • Theft of passport or visas;
    • Flight cancellations and delays;
    • Loss of luggage and personal effects;
    • Trip cancellation or trip interruption due to covered reasons such as illness, injury, death, acts of terror;
    • Trip cancellation due to Government of Canada travel advisory for “avoid all travel” or “avoid non-essential travel”;
    • School Board or governing organization-enforced trip cancellations

The cost of Travel Protection Plan Plus is $25 per day of your tour, to a maximum of $375. The plan should be purchased within 10 days of your tour enrolment to ensure maximum coverage and cannot be refunded after 7 days from purchase.

If you have questions about your coverage, please call TuGo at 1-855-929-8846 and refer to the "Explorer" insurance package.

*Dr. Neal Sikka, The George Washington University Department of Emergency Medicine, and The George Washington University Medical Faculty Associates are independent medical providers. WorldStrides is not a medical service provider and its employees do not render medical care or treatment, nor does WorldStrides control the selection, training, or supervision of any medical provider.

A team approach to safety and security

WorldStrides’ in-house Health & Safety Team, led by our Chief Academic, Health & Safety Officer and Head of Health & Safety, leverages decades of experience to continually assess the safety of the destinations where we travel and the activities in which our students participate. Our WorldAssist by WorldStrides Team serves as our emergency response command centre, staffed 24/7 by WorldStrides employees who are specially trained to handle any on program situation — no matter how big or how small.

Frequently Asked Questions

Emergency Contact Numbers

Please call these numbers only in regard to an emergency on a program that is currently travelling (available 24/7).

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