Holiday Snow

As cold weather descends upon the Northern Hemisphere, the need to stay socially distanced is more important than ever. While it’s tempting to head inside for social time, consider some socially distanced cold weather activities to ensure that everyone stays happy, safe, and healthy this winter.

Plan a Snowball Fight

Distance is required to have a proper snowball fight, so call up some friends, set yourselves up six or more feet apart, and prepare your weapons! If you don’t have snow, there are plenty of other ways to enjoy an outdoor showdown: use water balloons or repurpose balls from a ball pit for a little friendly, and distanced, play time (just be sure to sanitize them before and after).

Host a Light Decorating Contest

Set up a Zoom call with friends and choose budgets and other parameters based on how you want to shape up your competition. When you’re ready, have judges drive by each display or send them photos to determine who the winner is. If you live in a place with snow, you can also turn this into a snowman building contest. Bonus: if you have a neighbour who isn’t able to decorate their own house, volunteer to do it for them!

Volunteer in the Neighbourhood

Volunteer as a family to help out around the neighbourhood. Shoveling walks and driveways is always an appreciated gesture, and you can also salt sidewalks to keep ice at bay. If there are pets around your neighborhood, be sure to use a pet-friendly ice melt.

Take a Hike

There are many places where you can walk six feet apart while conversing and enjoy a nice hike. Try to avoid narrow trails, which end up with everyone walking behind and ahead of each other, making conversation harder. Paved walking trails provide an easy hike to catch up with friends, since they are often wider than six feet. This time of year, cemeteries are a great place to take a stroll. Decorations like flowers and wreaths will dot the landscape, the walks are paved and wide, and you won’t have to avoid large crowds.

Join a Light-Viewing Caravan

One holiday tradition that lends itself to social distancing is driving around to look at holiday lights. Schedule a date and time for several families to get together into a caravan to go around the neighbourhood and check out the lights. To make it even more interactive and fun, throw in a few sets of walkie-talkies and keep in communication with those in other cars.

Make a Wreath

Go on an expedition around the neighbourhood (with permission, of course!) or take a trip to a nearby forest to gather materials. You’ll need flexible branches to create the frame, evergreen branches such as pine or holly, and twine. Once you have your materials, set up workstations in the yard (or on a porch or deck) that are six feet apart. This quick video provides a great tutorial for how to put a wreath together.

Grab a Sled

This classic winter time sport is another great way to have fun at a distance. Pick a favourite hill to meet and have at it! No snow? No problem! With the right preparation and safety precautions, you can sled even if there’s no snow on the ground.

Have you found a socially distant friendly activity that your friends and family are enjoying? Share it with us!