Embarking on a WorldStrides Canada educational tour promises to be an unforgettable adventure filled with cultural immersion and lifelong learning. But sometimes, the initial financial hurdle can seem daunting. Fear not, educators—you’re not alone! Here at WorldStrides Canada, we want every student to experience the wonder of educational travel. That’s why we’ve created a comprehensive fundraising guide brimming with resources and strategies to help you and your tour participants reach your fundraising goals.

A how-to for a successful (and affordable) trip!
Our guide walks you through key steps, from setting a fundraising timeline to brainstorming creative ideas. This structured approach will ensure successful fundraising while fostering excitement about your upcoming adventure.

Get creative
While traditional fundraising activities have their place, this guide goes even further, showcasing innovative and tried-and-true approaches used by previous WorldStrides Canada groups. Imagine raising funds through talent shows or bake sales—the possibilities are endless! Plus, these activities can do more than just raise money; they can also build a strong group bond, even before your trip begins. Shared experiences, friendly competition, and maybe even a few baking mishaps can create lasting memories and inside jokes that will set the stage for an unforgettable travel experience.

Ready to take action?
Make fundraising a fun and engaging experience for everyone involved. Click here to download our guide and unlock a world of exciting fundraising opportunities!